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  How far back can I go for the Project Management Experience on my PMP Application?

All project management experience must have been accrued within the last eight consecutive years prior to your application submission.


  1. I assume the point for the "within the last 8 years" is because PMI wants currency in practice. However, I graduated as a Construction Manager (B.S. CM) in 1986 and started managing projects fairly professionally early in the 1990's when I was hired into a DOE national laboratory by two gentlemen who were PMI members and PMPs. I've just always been too busy delivering on projects to go after the actual certification and I know other colleagues who are in the same situation. However, mine is unique in that I've been a consultant since Nov 2003 and as such I'm typically engaged in Program Management but not for full life cycles...And as a consultant, I'm often brought in for initiating & planning and/or some executing (if the project is small, not construction, and other factors). So, I want to get my PMP now, but by only being able to count the last 8 years, I'm not sure I'll be able to hit the 7500 hrs. This is really frustrating. Do you know if anyone can petition this requirement & be allowed to include earlier work (if it can be verified by supervisor or something similar)?

  2. Hello Kathy,

    Yours is a somewhat unique case, and honestly I haven't come across any one with a similar problem.

    But I'm hopeful that there'll be a way out for you. I suggest that you first write to to present your case. See what their response is. If they are not helpful, then we'll look at other options.

    Good luck.